Artist Feature: KEITA MORIMOTO

untitled-into the wils series 2013png

Untitled (Into the Wild Series) 2013


Untitled (Into the Wild Series) 2013


mazeiii. 2011jpg

Maze III, 2011

Study of Green Yellow, ooil onpanel 18 x 24 inch 2012

Study of Green Yellow, 2012

So now that I have more time on my hands, I’m back to featuring artists that inspire me. My aim is to post one-a-month.

This month’s featue is Keita Morimoto; an aspiring up-and-comer and art-star of the Toronto art scene. Keita is a recent graduate of OCAD, and I’m honoured to have competed with him in the Art Battle Nationals at the AGO last July.

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, Keita immigrated to Canada in 2006, and has participated in many exhibitions and art fairs nationally and internationally. His inspirations are artists of all ends of the spectrum such as Rembrandt van Rijn to David Hockney – which you can see in his work.

I find his art to be of exquisite quality and technique for an artist of his age and experience, and the most I love about his work (apart from the buttery, silky quality of his oil painting) is the ominous that precides with the beautiful, making the work aesthetically bittersweet. He is not just a good painter, but one who creates visually mysterious, narrative and moody spaces that leave the viewer asking more questions than answers.

You can view more of his work here:

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Now that I’ve had some time to clear my busy schedule (and my head), and start having a life again, I wanted to post a few shots from my opening art reception before I forgot.

All I can say after spending so much time on a project (three-quarters of a year, to be exact), is that listlessness starts setting in. I have plenty projects to keep me busy, mind you, but something about finally getting around to painting those studio chairs orangey-red on a clear, autumn day on ones spare time (as fun is that is), doesn’t cut it after endless hours of the fast and the furious, of eye-popping frenzy and crazy deadlines to complete a rather large and painstakingly detailed body of work (for me, anyways). Call is the agony and ecstacy , I guess.

My painting exhibition, Post Cards from Home, was September 20th, and there was a lot of people who came out for the event. A lot of friends and aquaintances, and a lot of people I didn’t know, but the place got pretty packed at one point. Overall, the night was a lot of fun, and definitely a worth-while splash aftr all of the blood, sweat and tears..

For those of you who are local (in Halifax), the show will be up until this Saturday (October 12). 

Here are a few clippings from the ‘ol photo album, as promised.
















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It’s All or Nothing!

Well, here it is – another blog post minutes after the last one (from someone who struggles to post even once-a-month normally) – ha! 

I almost forgot to post an event, and one that is rather important as it is in support of a good cause. Tomorrow I will be doing more live painting, and this time (ironically), not for Art Battle. Tomorrow marks an important and impressive art auction called ‘ROAR’, to fundraise for the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD). In case you don’t know, NSCAD is one of, (and in my opinion) the best and most famous art college in Canada, and has a varied and interesting history in the art world, particularly the conceptual in the 1960’s-1970’s, when it was under leadership of then principal and internationally-known conceptual artist Garry Neil Kennedy. I won’t bore you anymore and go on about it, but check it out yourself on the ROAR website:

Anyhow, as an alumni of NSCAD,  I am proud to be part of the event – in that I will be contributing into the auction with the painting I will paint live for the duration of the night at the Port Campus. 

Here is a little blurb on their blog of what I will be doing:

So, COME out to the event, if you’re local, and you don’t mind dropping a little money to help support an under-funded, important art institution! Tickets are still available on their website:


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In the Chronicle Herald Yesterday…

Just sharing a little blurb from yesterdays’ Chronicle Herald regarding my painting exhibition last week “Post Cards from Home”.

I was so happy to learn that Elissa Barnard wrote the article, as she is my favourite local arts reporter and a veteran in writing about the arts community in Halifax. 

You can read it here:

 The opening reception was a success last Friday, and I will post in the next day or so pictures of the opening night, as well as an online link to my show. What a relief it’s all DONE. 

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An Official Invitation

Whew! Only 9 days until my art show! I have been naughty in not regularly posting images and progress like what I said I would do, but I will post all of the show here on the blog once everything is done. Being the non-realistic and self-loathing artist I am, I still am trying to squeeze in 2 more paintings in a week’s time to have ready before the show. Wish me luck.

So (drum roll).. here is the link to the exhibition invite, for any of you who live or will be visiting the Halifax area in the next week. The exhibition runs until October 12th. 


Argyle Fine Art

Reception: Friday, September 20th, 7-9 pm

Hope to see you there!


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I made it into two articles in the local newspaper in Halifax last week regarding the representation of Nova Scotia in the Art Battle Nationals. I feel bad for posting this late, but any spare time I had last week before leaving for Toronto was spent preparing vigorously for the Nationals. If any of you missed the newspaper interviews, here they are:

The Chronicle Herald:

And here in the Metro:

I will be posting pictures from last Friday’s Art Battle soon. Stay tuned!  🙂

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Oodles of Doodles…

photo 2photo

So. It’s Friday, and I’ve decided that in the midst of my utter exhaustion prepping for my upcoming painting show (work-in-progress to be posted soon) I’d keep things fresh and ideas for my next body of work flowing through my very-neglected act of doodling, and will try to keep-up and post every week. I don’t doodle a lot (but should), as not being able to sleep Wednesday morning at 3:35 am proved successful.

So here are some. They are kind of growing on me…


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