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Welcome to Mary Garoutte Fine Art; a blog and visual diary of my inspirations and past/recent art. Mary Garoutte Fine Art is a multi-faceted proprietorship, offering fine art, live event painting, private art lessons & public workshops, art consultation and mentorship. Please periodically check-in for updates on exhibitions, classes, painting events, mentorship services, and also part-time job opportunities, such as studio assistance & photography. I am an emerging visual artist based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, it’s has been a long journey to find my artistic roots in Eastern Canada. I studied painting at NSCAD University and majored in fine art (BFA 2004). Since graduation, I have taught painting and drawing workshops to adults and children, notably the NSCAD School of Extended Studies. I have also had the opportunity to exhibit in both solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada and internationally. Nowadays, I occupy my time between working part-time as an arts administrator and private art instructor and part-time as a professional visual artist. I have worked for about a decade painting the quaint landscape, architecture & vernacular of Eastern Canada. Recently, I am shifting into Magic Realism with its strong and subversive narrative and dreamlike subject-matter. I am a painter who has a photographic background, and interest in the medium of film and cinematography, which is reflective in my paintings in the pre-occupation with light, shadow, and dramatic and cinematic imagery. Major influences which I attribute the aesthetic of my work include Canadian Post-Impressionism, Alex Colville, British figurative artist Lucian Freud, Surrealist artist Rene Magritte, American artists Wayne Thiebaud & Edward Hopper, as well as Canadian photographer Gregory Crewdson and film giants such as Alfred Hitchcock. I accept public and private commissions. For pricing and inquiries, please contact me through my blog or by email.

>>Important Update<<

To all my very patient followers on this blog and to those visiting, I must apologize for the long lapse (years) I have not blogged and have neglected to keep you all updated. The last couple of years I have … Continue reading

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Joy & Sorrow

This will be a long blog post. Mainly because it’s been a long while since I’ve contributed anything to my blog. I often resist to urge to write when I’m busy, as I never want to post regurgitated, flat, art … Continue reading

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I STUMBLED UPON Gary Taxali a few years ago while randomly searching for strong, graphic work as inspiration for a product design commission I was doing for the Nova Scotia Agricultural College’s ORIGINS Project. Upon discovery of Gary’s work, I was instantly … Continue reading

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Breathing Space

A lot has transpired during this ferociously harsh and frustratingly drawn-out winter. Enough to just about forget how cold and miserable it has been. I loathe winter. I know loathe is a strong word, but this particular season in Eastern Canada has dissolved the already … Continue reading

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ART CLASSES (To Beat The Winter Blues) …

Yes, it is still winter. Yes, it is only the end of January (ugh). If you’re anything like me, and you live in the Northern Hemisphere – where the snow, bitter cold winds and bad weather during the winter is … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Of Year Again..

This will be my first blog entry of the New Year (sadly, the first one since the fall), but I figure I am not doing too badly, since it is still technically considered the ‘new year’. After a long absence … Continue reading

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