It’s That Time Of Year Again..

This will be my first blog entry of the New Year (sadly, the first one since the fall), but I figure I am not doing too badly, since it is still technically considered the ‘new year’.

After a long absence of not writing, I feel a wave of writer’s block in my attempt to get back into this. I can assure you my long bout was justified. Never mind Christmas. As a cap-up of the last few months, November was a whirl, as I had my father visit from the States (all while I couldn’t take vacation time off from work), the news of my American granny passing away (she was 82, dear soul), unexpectedly moving into a whole new studio space and then to top-off with the news that I will be an Aunt!!! My identical twin sister and her hubby of 8 yrs are expecting in July! 🙂 All of the news, as you can imagine, has kept me on the ringer of emotions ranging from comfort, anticipation, sadness, excitement, joy and anticipation.

So, that was how 2013 ended.

To turn a new leaf, it’s that time of year again….back to the old art-making, AND the annual PRESHRUNK miniature art show at Argyle Fine Art here in Halifax. The show is January 24th (this Friday) at 7pm. Preshrunk is a juried show of around 70 artists, showcasing around 200 works that measure 4″ x 5″. If you’re around Halifax this Friday, drop down for the ‘little big show’..

I am submitting six pieces this year. I usually only paint clouds in the context of a landscape/urbanscape, but with such small specs to work with, I felt I wanted the pieces to breath. These were a nice foil (& quick), compared to the pain-staking detail & symmetry of the architectural urbanscapes I usually do. So there. Cheer into 2014 with wonderful, proziac blobs of cotton-candy, marshmallow clouds to hang on your wall..


Pulse Cloud (2014), oil on cradelboard, 4 x 5



A Touch of Pink (2014), oil on cradelboard, 4 x 5



Pink Clouds (2014), oil on cradleboard, 4 x 5



Thunderhead I (2014), oil on board, 4 x 5



Thunderhead II (2014), oil on board, 4 x 5



Opaline (2014), oil on board, 4 x 5


About mary garoutte

Welcome to Mary Garoutte Fine Art; a blog and visual diary of my inspirations and past/recent art. Mary Garoutte Fine Art is a multi-faceted proprietorship, offering fine art, live event painting, private art lessons & public workshops, art consultation and mentorship. Please periodically check-in for updates on exhibitions, classes, painting events, mentorship services, and also part-time job opportunities, such as studio assistance & photography. I am an emerging visual artist based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, it’s has been a long journey to find my artistic roots in Eastern Canada. I studied painting at NSCAD University and majored in fine art (BFA 2004). Since graduation, I have taught painting and drawing workshops to adults and children, notably the NSCAD School of Extended Studies. I have also had the opportunity to exhibit in both solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada and internationally. Nowadays, I occupy my time between working part-time as an arts administrator and private art instructor and part-time as a professional visual artist. I have worked for about a decade painting the quaint landscape, architecture & vernacular of Eastern Canada. Recently, I am shifting into Magic Realism with its strong and subversive narrative and dreamlike subject-matter. I am a painter who has a photographic background, and interest in the medium of film and cinematography, which is reflective in my paintings in the pre-occupation with light, shadow, and dramatic and cinematic imagery. Major influences which I attribute the aesthetic of my work include Canadian Post-Impressionism, Alex Colville, British figurative artist Lucian Freud, Surrealist artist Rene Magritte, American artists Wayne Thiebaud & Edward Hopper, as well as Canadian photographer Gregory Crewdson and film giants such as Alfred Hitchcock. I accept public and private commissions. For pricing and inquiries, please contact me through my blog or by email.
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13 Responses to It’s That Time Of Year Again..

  1. Cynthia Baniassad says:

    Beautiful paintings! Thanks!

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Linda Kennedy says:

    Hello Sweetie,

    It’s your proud mama again! I love your cloud paintings and am impressed with your unending and prodigious talent, as always. My prediction is that the “Pink Clouds” painting will sell first. Each has his or her own taste, but that one is my favourite and grabbed my attention immediately. I do love all of them, though. Keep the rivers of creativity flowing!

    Love, Mom

    • Thanks Mumma Mouse! I know you’re not simply biased because I am your daughter, but I know I have your support, duly. I’m glad you lke the pink clouds piece. As per usual, that’s the piece that everyone’s been remarking on. I have a trade as part of the deal with another artist (a jeweler I graduated with at NSCAD), who I will be trading a small cloud painting for one of her precious metal/stone rings. 🙂 It’s the only way ‘starving artists’ can have anything valuable. Haha! See you tonight at the opening. xox

    • Hi Mom Linda Kennedy,
      I just heard back from Mary and she said she was born in Mesa. Are you in Arizona? I live in Cottonwood and am down in Tempe right now visiting grandchildren (not to mention children, but grandchildren……well, they are so wonderful!!) Having my last cup of coffee and then on the road up to Cottonwood. I love Mary’s art. I think she has a freedom that many artists work all their lives to achieve. I am not even close to Mary in my abilities but am still trying new forms of art – my latest is encaustic….fascinating!

  3. I enjoyed your post. I am an artist in Arizona, much older than you (71), and related to all the events you experienced in 2013……but art is always there, when the emotions of life balance out….sorry to hear about your grandmother. Also, congratulations on the good news in your life…..Ruby

    • Hello Ruby,

      You have a lovely name. 🙂 It is ironic that you say you’re based in Arizona – that’s where I am originally from 🙂 I was born in Mesa.

      I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind words to me regarding my post. Losing a loved one is sad, but you’re right, art is always there. I have always found art, and the act of making it, to be cathartic. Best to you in your art as well.


  4. Leekai Opoku says:

    Hey Mary! lovely cloud paintings you’ve got there. I agree with your mom… I think the Pink Clouds painting will sell quickly. I personally love it. It just feels like watching a beautiful sun set.
    Anyway, congrats on becoming an aunt soon. I’m sure Kim, Craig and your mom are over the moon right now. Please tell Kim and Craig I said congrats!


    • Hello Leekai!
      Thank you so much for your comments on my art – it means a lot. 🙂 I will definitely send your regards to Kim. Yes – she & all the rest of us are getting so excited to a newbie in our clan ( I say ‘our’, because I live with Kim & Craig) – tee hee.. She doesn’t know yet whether it is a boy or girl, but either way, can’t wait. xo Sending my love from Canada.

  5. Brett says:

    These cloud paintings are dreamy! Really lovely!

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