Now that I’ve had some time to clear my busy schedule (and my head), and start having a life again, I wanted to post a few shots from my opening art reception before I forgot.

All I can say after spending so much time on a project (three-quarters of a year, to be exact), is that listlessness starts setting in. I have plenty projects to keep me busy, mind you, but something about finally getting around to painting those studio chairs orangey-red on a clear, autumn day on ones spare time (as fun is that is), doesn’t cut it after endless hours of the fast and the furious, of eye-popping frenzy and crazy deadlines to complete a rather large and painstakingly detailed body of work (for me, anyways). Call is the agony and ecstacy , I guess.

My painting exhibition, Post Cards from Home, was September 20th, and there was a lot of people who came out for the event. A lot of friends and aquaintances, and a lot of people I didn’t know, but the place got pretty packed at one point. Overall, the night was a lot of fun, and definitely a worth-while splash aftr all of the blood, sweat and tears..

For those of you who are local (in Halifax), the show will be up until this Saturday (October 12). 

Here are a few clippings from the ‘ol photo album, as promised.

















About mary garoutte

Welcome to Mary Garoutte Fine Art; a blog and visual diary of my inspirations and past/recent art. I am a Halifax-based visual artist who paints primarily in the representational tradition, but often delve into abstract. I have been painting / art-making all my life since childhood, and graduated from NSCAD University in 2004.
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4 Responses to Post-Frenzy

  1. Leekai Opoku says:

    Wow Mary! Awesome paintings and nice photos as well. You really are a star. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

  2. Kennedy, Linda says:

    Hi Sweetie,

    Thanks for sending me this update with pictures; I have already forwarded your post to everyone here at work. As always, I’m proud of you! You look sweet in the picture of you standing next to your paintings as you smiled toward the camera.

    I’ll talk to you tonight,

    Love, Mom ________________________________

  3. Fine Art says:

    This is exactly what we were looking for and the content is awesome.Keep up the good work.Cheers!!

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